Monday, September 6, 2010

A painted rug design

I have a wonderful client who decided to add a painted design to the already sealed floor.  The contractor had the floor guy return to buff the floor out for me.  The design changed from a solid painted rug design to an open diamond pattern with a big scroll border, and hand painted square accents.

This was really going to test my mathematical skills. The plan was to have an even amount of squares end on both sides of the rug. Too bad our shape was not a square, so therefore the squares could only end evenly on one side. Oh, and I was given free reign on their size. Hmmm, so how will I even figure this out?  Thank god the adorable contractor had this fantastic calculator that figured it all out for me!!

Hoorah!  Lets begin.  First, we taped off the border, primed, basecoated, and then glazed it.  Then we set about measuring and taping off our diamonds on the inside.  This took longer then expected. We were taping off a 1 inch band, and had to tape both sides.  That then needed to be primed, basecoated, and glazed.  It was then that the client changed the size of the was already painted so we had to improvise and cut off part of our inside dimension, but add on to the outside of the border.  No problemo.

Next we laid out our scroll stencil border and began the tedious process that allows for no mistakes, and makes it easy at the same time.  Its a masking stencil, and you have to order it the size you need, so not a whole lot of room for error.  Once it was laid out, we began layering the colors, then highlighting, then shading.

It took a long time, but I think it was well worth the back pain, and the client was very happy.  That's all that really matters.

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  1. How beautiful! What a task! I couldn't even imagine how to approach this ... you are more than a decorative artist! You are a master ... a virtuoso!