Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bring it on, 2013!

2012 had a tough ending. Between Sandy hitting us and the tragedy at Newtowne, CT, it just seemed like the little things really didn't matter.  Family and friends were hugged tighter, and we counted our blessings.  Even Christmas seemed to be a little duller, I just couldn't shake what happened to those poor families.  I hope that 2013 is a better year, and with that a focus more on home, and family.

I haven't had a New Year's resolution in a very long time. Too long that I can't even remember what it would have been.  But this year, I would like to try and take time to be more artsy. By that I mean, maybe, just maybe putting the brush to the canvas more, just for myself.

My mother-in-law asked me to paint her a floral painting as a gift for Christmas, and she chose a white Magnolia.  I was trying to cram it in between finishing up a few work projects and I didn't want to work on it while she was watching the boys.  So most of it was painted at night.  I painted it in acrylics, and added a varnish on top to bring out the color. I haven't done a painting in years, other then murals, and I miss it.  That's resolution number 1: Paint more for myself.

I will have to get a better shot, you can't see much of the background colors.
The next few things probably can't be called resolutions, but more like fun projects to do.
For a client for Christmas, and for my brother's family, I made wooden signs with their family name and a message written in Latin, "Familia est Fortitudo Nostra," which means "Family is Our Strength."  My brother had "Family is my Strength" tattooed on his arm, and it was the inspiration.

#2:  I would like to make more signs to sell for business and as gifts.

#3:  I would also like to post more on my blog, and more tutorials ... like how to make these signs.

#4:  On our home front, some small projects to tackle this year.  Making the upholstered cornice boards for dining room.  I've had the fabric for 9 months now.  Paint Kyle's room. Move Logan in Kyle's room! Paint my room!! Make it a grown up room, instead of part nursery.   Make an upholstered headboard for our king sized bed.  Start making frames with my tin tiles.  More to come on that later.

I think that about sums up the little projects. 

#5:  Hanging out with the family more of course, cousins, grandparents ... seeing more of my friends and their families.  Too many things get in the way, and it shouldn't be so.  

To a Happy, Healthy, and Successful 2013!

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  1. Love your New Year's resolutions. I have none and don't think I ever made any. You definitely should be painting more for yourself and for the sheer enjoyment of it.