Monday, October 22, 2012

Harvest Time

Most of my posts have been work related, but I wanted to just share what my family and I have been doing the past few weekends. October is one of my favorite months, I love the idea of driving out east, spending the day on a farm, picking pumpkins and apples, tasting wine ... fresh, crisp clean air.  I love the changing leaves, the smell of baked apple pie, and warm apple cider.  A little Captain Morgan's can't hurt either.  My husband, Kyle, and Logan all went out to Harbes Farm two Saturdays ago. I went there almost 8 years ago with my brother and his wife, and their baby boy. Now here I am going out with my family, and it made it so special.  For Father's Day, I made all 3 boys matching shirts, with 3 bike cogs on it and a Z in each circle representing each of the boys and my husband. We never got them to wear them, and today was a perfect day.  Kyle and Logan did a fabulous job picking out pumpkins, we ate delicious local corn on the cob, and brought home a trunk full of gourds and pumpkins.

You want me to pull this for how long??

My three men.

A little pumpkin for a little boy.

The following weekend we met with some friends and their boys and spent the day at Oyster Fest, a huge fair in Oyster Bay, Long Island. It's a beautiful area, the water is right there, the kids can walk on the pebble beach and there is every type of food imaginable. The boys were happy to visit the Petting Zoo and just dance by the bandstand.

This weekend was very special.  We were celebrating Kyle's 3rd Birthday and Logan's 1st birthday.  My plan was originally to have a "construction themed" party here at our house. I had these great invites made from Etsy, started ordering all the construction favors, made the banner to hang up, started printing out "Build" & "Party Zone" signs. I bought CAUTION tape to run around the house and along the fence. I had my cake all planned out. I made t-shirts for the boys with a dump truck and the numbers 3 & 1. But the forecast for the weather did not look good and I panicked. What was I going to do with 14 kids and 26 adults? I found an adorable place by us called Le Play Cafe and booked it. Wouldn't you know it the weather was perfect and sunny? Although it did pour the day before and the backyard was wet. Oh well. Next year! But it worked out so good. We were able to still use the dump truck pinata.  They let me bring in my signs, the hard hats, and we decorated our house for the family to come over after. All in all, it was so good to see everyone, but just not enough time. 

Kyle & Logan
Happy Birthday Boys!

The cake made of cupcakes! Bakery did a fabulous job!
Logan trying his first cupcake! 

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  1. Such cute photos! Love the "boys" shirts, too!